Transform Your Business With the WisdomWheel Wireless Advantage
Businesses all over the world are realizing the importance of having their assets connected and their value chains digitized. With numerous solutions available the chances to get short changed on quality or on fundamental aspects such as support is entirely possible given the arduous task of digitization. WisdomWheel Wireless has built a solid technology core that addresses this fundamental problem and resolves the core issues.

Remote & Offshore sites
Remote & Offshore site
No asset is located too faraway to be digitized effectively by our technology platform. Our platform ensures that your data is securely transmitted to your control room whether your located on the north pole or in the middle of the Gobi desert.
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Factory Floors & Process control
Remote & Offshore site
Process control is a critical element that yields great benefits when digitized. WisdomWheel Wireless IIoT services employ the use of sophisticated WSN systems to provide secure digization of value chains.
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Mines & Underground locations
Underground facilities such as mines are areas where there is absolute need for effective communication with mission critical connectivity in case of failure of any communication protocol.
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Smart Farming & Energy
Remote & Offshore site
Effective smart farming systems with self contained networks can be built with the use of Wireless Sensor Networks that monitor important crop parameters.
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The Qsense&Control© platform is a unique WSN and IIoT platform developed for quick deployment of turnkey and tailored solutions. With connectivity options in GSM, Satellite, WiFi, Ethernet, LoRaWAN and BLE5 coverage is across the entire spectrum.
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Our team is comprised of various professionals from multiple walks of life. Our operation is led by young and dynamic entrepreuners with expertise in their particular field.
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Understand how our solutions work in unison to provide the best experience helping our clients to sense, control, analyze and interpret their data. Discover what is new in the latest release of our Qsense&Control © platform 2.1.4.