Agreement with AlDurran Technologies

Channel partnership agreement for Pakistan and MENA region has been signed.

The first step towards a mutually beneficial alliance. WisdomWheel Wireless has entered into a partnership with AlDurran Technologies as a channel partner for multiple sectors in the Pakistan and MENA region. WisdomWheel Wireless is proud to announce that commercial operations will be led under the auspices of Mr. Khusro Walliullah, CEO of AlDurran Technologies.

Mr.Khusro Walliullah has more than 24 years of experience working with top multinational organizations such as Siemens A.G. He is currently leading all commercial and business related operations at AlDurran Technologies. Under his leadership WisdomWheel Wireless has already started marketing activities in multiple cities of the country.

Currently the business and commercial teams are actively engaging in activities targeting both public sector and private organizations in Oil&Gas (both upstream and downstream organizations), Manufacturing industries and the transportation sector and has made certain breakthroughs that will be announced to our valuable investors and stakeholders soon.

The main product being pitched to the sector is the WiLeak system and the QSense&Control system in a turnkey manner custom built according to client needs.

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