Mines and Underground Locations

Wireless Sensor Networks are a must have for Mines and Underground locations for safe and reliable networking below the surface

The Underground communication system

Underground communication continues to be an important part of the mining infrastructure. At depths of more than 1 km it becomes very difficult for any kind of terrestrial communication system to punch through. All over the world mining regulations require the installation of a communication system which can provide mission critical connectivity and have the ability to transmit SOS messages in case an accident takes place besides monitoring for leakages of hazardous gases and  CO2 levels. The Qsense&Control© system provides a reliable RF mesh network that on BLE5 and IEEE802.15.4 protocols to provide optimum communication and monitoring capability in hazardous environments such as mines.

With Sensors

In the Scenario in which a CO2 Sensor was installed with the WSN node, the warning would have been immediately relayed to the sink node on the outset and the control room would have been asked to take the evasive action required to avoid the untoward scenario.

In case a sense and control node was used the WSN node would have taken a control action as well to mitigate the threat.

Use of Wireless Signalling and Communication systems

In the scenario displayed in the infographic above the mine shaft has an accident that has happened towards the end of the tunnel.

In this particular case however communication has not been lost as the WSN node installed in the location has managed to send out a signal to the next node signalling an  SOS. The miners trapped on the other side are also able to communicate using the WSN node as it has more than 30 days of back up battery installed.