Wireless site analysis and feasibility

We provide site analysis and overview services for your connectivity projects. Our field engineers are able to create detailed feasibility reports on connectivity projects that are to be deployed.

Our teams analyze your sites for Wireless connectivity strength such as GSM, Satellite, LPWAN and other frequencies in the ISM band to determine the best possible and most feasible connectivity solution. This service is usually employed in the scenario where multiple sites are to be connected to each other via a WSN to single endpoint IoT gateway.


Turnkey Product Development

WisdomWheel Wireless provides Turnkey Product Development services to multiple industry sectors. We are able to develop and mass produce Internet of Things products, Wireless Sensor Network based products, connected and unconnected Industrial Automation products, smart phone products and other connectivity peripherals such as Bluetooth headsets, WiFi speakers and smart watches.

This service provides complete turnkey service with end-to-end life-cycle support and strong project management right from ideation level up to mass production and delivery of the product to into the field.


Mass production and Mass testing

WisdomWheel Wireless with its large network of vertically integrated electronic supply chain can help you mass produce your product and have it tested and shipped to a location of your choice anywhere on the globe.

We provide end-to-end project management in mass production and mass testing with our team of dedicated quality assurance and quality control engineers employed to provide you with the best testing equipment for your Internet of Things, WSN and Industrial Automation products. Our teams develop custom test equipment according to our clients’ products needs.