Ali Haider Arif

Chief Executive Officer

Ali Haider holds a diverse experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) having played a leading role in commercial and technical capacity in multiple international organizations such as Telenor ASA and Cielo Wigle Inc. Ali Haider holds the position of CEO at WisdomWheel Wireless providing direction and structure to the team on multiple avenues.

Mohammad Bilal Firoz

Chief Technology Officer

Bilal holds a vast experience in product development spanning a career profile in multiple organizations such as CARE (Center for Advanced Research in Engineering), SkyElectric and Silverback. His knowledge base is equally diverse covering the domain of Industrial Automation, the Internet of Things, Telemedicine systems, Renewable energy systems and primarily Wireless Sensor Networks. At WisdomWheel Wireless Bilal Firoz provides the team with technical advisory and leadership.

Bilawal Lateef

Product Design Engineer

Bilawal is a product design engineer working in the hardware engineering team. Bilawal’s skills allow him to manage the end to end product development process without any hindrance providing technical input at every stage.

Murad Ali

Hardware Team Lead

Every great team requires a captain that can see the best in them regardless of the situation they are in and work a way out that works for all of the stakeholders in every possible way. Murad Ali is just that. An avante garde engineer with a passion for building things Murad serves as the team lead for hardware.


    Design Engineer (Firmware)

  A painting is nothing without its colors. Similar is an embedded system which is nothing without the firmware that runs inside it. A firmware engineer is as critical to the team as all of it put together and Ubaid Ur Rehman does the job in the best possible manner.